Introducing the Amazing New Microsoft Office 365

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Microsoft Office 365 is a package of service and software from Microsoft that based on subscription. The subscription is designed to provide the products and services that related to each subscriber. There are several interesting kinds of stuff inside this brand name of Microsoft, and we will explain it down below.

The difference between Office 365 and regular Microsoft Office

We did explain this in the other article, but we will explain it one more time anyway. Office 365 is the brand name of Microsoft for services based on subscription. This is supposed to keep the users on the most up-to-date version of applications and services. Long story short, you do not have to buy the licensed product for a lifetime, but you have to pay the subscription.

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The subscription can be paid monthly or annually, depends on what you choose. The products that contain in the Office 365 are varied. There are several types of packages that have differences on the subscription price and the features of the program.

For example, there is a Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium package. It contains all services provided by Microsoft Office in general as well as 20 GB storage on SkyDrive cloud and 60 minutes of Skype calls per month for free. You should pay the subscription about 99.99 US dollars for a year, and you can also install it up to five devices in your household.

If you cancel the subscription, then all the Office copies become the “Red-Only” version. It still allows you to read and print the document without making changes of it. You are also not able to create and save the new document too once you cancel the subscription. I suggest you use Office 365 if you really want the best Office type ever.

You can also get the less-expensive package which is the basic package of Office 365. The basic plan includes all services of Office in online mode, email, and also the cloud.

Meanwhile, the regular Office type will require you to purchase the licensed product for one computer. Of course, you can use it for the lifetime, but you cannot upgrade it without spending another budget. If you intend to upgrade the version of your Office, then you have to buy the full version with the full price too. Besides, it can only use for one device without cloud storage.

Favourite features of Office 365

Real-time coauthoring feature for PowerPoint, Excel and Word is really cool. You can work online with your colleagues and friend through online, and you can edit and review it at the same time. You just need to save your documents to the SharePoint or OneDrive so people can work with you on it. The sidebar is also well integrated.

Skype in-app integration will allow you to chat with other co-workers without leaving your work pages. By that, you can also share the screens, doing conversations through video or audio or even chat. So, what is not to love from Microsoft Office 365?

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