Microsoft Corp: the Biggest and Famous Computer Corporation in the World

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Have you ever heard Microsoft? Microsoft is a corporation working in the computer system that has been produced so many products to you and the others. It is claimed as the biggest corporation in the world related to computer and internet system. To prove the greatest thing of this system, you can reveal these following things.

What Is Microsoft?

Microsoft is a multinational corporation from the United States. The major office is located in Redmond, Washington, US. It is developing, making, giving license, and supporting some kinds of products and services related to computer.

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Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen on April, 4th 1975. Microsoft is the biggest software corporation in the world. It is also regarded as the most valuable corporation in the world.

How Did the Journey of Microsoft Corporation?

Microsoft was founded to develop and sell the translators of BASIC for Altair 8800. The company was able to dominate the market of private computer operating system with its MS-DOS in the middle year of 1980. It is followed by an operating system of Microsoft Windows. The first general offers of Microsoft were in 1986 and included the significant stock price.

Since 1990, this corporation got diversification from the operating system and had made some accusations of the company. On May 2011, Microsoft Corporation bought Skype Technologies about $8,5 billion and became the most expensive accusation.

In 2012, Microsoft was dominating the market of the operating system of PC and software for desktop and servers. It also involved actively in some search fields like the internet, Bing, video games, digital service market, and smartphone.

On June 2012, Microsoft announced that they stepped to PC vendor market for the first time with the launching of a computer tablet. It is the start of the greatest computer system corporation, Microsoft.

Great Microsoft Products Are Available

Microsoft, as the biggest computer system corporation, had launched several great products to you and market. In 2010, Microsoft had five product divisions. What are they? The first one is Windows and Windows Live Division. This division was producing the line of Windows operating system like Windows 7. It was also producing a family tree of products and services like Windows Live.

The next product of Microsoft is Serve and Tools. It produced some Windows servers like Windows Server 2008 R2, and a series of development tools called Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Silverlight, and System Center Configuration Manager. It also produces the other server products like Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft BizTalk Server, It provides Microsoft Consulting services.

Online Services Business division handles the daring services of MSN and search engine of Bing. On December 2009, this corporation held 18% stock of cable news channel of MSBNC. Then, it was developing its website of MSNBC. It also presented some programs of Microsoft Office 2010.

Entertainment and Devices Division becomes the last product. It had produced an operating system of Windows CE and Windows Phone for the smartphone. It produced some computer games on Windows PC. It was marketing and selling game consoles like Xbox 360, Zune, and internet devices MSN TV. Those are served by Microsoft for you.

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