Microsoft Xbox: the Spectacular Game Console from Microsoft

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Microsoft Xbox – Playing a video game has become a common way to relieve your stress, isn’t it? Of course, if you love this activity, you know that there are several game consoles you can find out there. One of them, and maybe you have this one, is Microsoft Xbox or it’s known as Xbox.

What is the Microsoft Xbox?

Xbox is a brand name of the game console, produced by Microsoft. And, because this is the name of the game console model, you can also find many series of this game. Microsoft first developed and launched this game console in 2001. And, along with the time, the Xbox does not become only a brand for a game console.

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After its launch, Microsoft Xbox develops into many different services and feature. Xbox becomes a brand for calling games or application used in this game console. And, you must also know that you also can use this game console for shopping. Yes, through Xbox Live, you can do both of them and get more than just a simple game console from it.

Xbox Model from Beginning to the Latest One

If you used Xbox since it was launched 16 years ago, you must also experience the change of model and series of this game console. And, here is the series or model you can get from this Microsoft game console.

  • Xbox.
    It is the first release from Microsoft. From the specification, we can see that it still has a slightly higher specification than the sixth generation of game console that becomes its competitor. Because of this reason, you can find that this game console can produce much better game graphic compared to other game consoles.
  • Xbox 360.
    Microsoft needs four years since the first release to release the next generation of its game console. And, this game console is satisfying. The reason is Microsoft give this Xbox strong boost on its specification and performance, compared to the first model, with the tripled better specification you can get in one game console. So, you can imagine how good the game will be played on this console.
  • Xbox One.
    Released in 2013, this one has the more online feature than the previous model. With this feature, you can access many games and play it without a disc. You also can share them with many people. Then, in 2016, Microsoft launches the new version of this model, which is called Xbox One S that has a smaller size than the original model.

Compared to another model, Xbox One is the best one. With the RAM that reaches 8 GB and 32 MB, GPU frame rate, the game run smoothly on this console.

The Most Popular Games on the Microsoft Xbox Console

On each model, some games can be said as the most popular one, based on how many it was sold when it’s released. Here they are:

  • Xbox – Halo 2 that was sold more than 8 million
  • Xbox 360 – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 that was sold more than 14.23 million
  • Xbox One – Titanfall

Actually, Microsoft doesn’t stop with Xbox One. They plan to develop new Microsoft Xbox, which is called Project Scorpio that will be released this year. So, we just need to wait how it will be.

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