The Best and New Features in Microsoft Office 2016

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Microsoft Office 2016 is the advanced version of the predecessor for both version Office for Mac 2011 and Office 2013. It was released on September 2015 for Microsoft Windows and July 2015 for macOS. Office 16 is actually a little bit different than Office 365, and we will explain it through this article.

Working together becomes much easier

Microsoft Office has the primary purpose which is making things can be working together. Microsoft Office also allows you to link or combined different document types together and this is what the new stuff provided to Office users. Microsoft Office wants to make the documents sharing, and working process with others become much easier.

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You are allowed to see the editing of others by using the coauthoring feature that is provided in Word, OneNote, and PowerPoint. The history section also gets some improvement updates that will allow you to go back on the snapshots even though you are currently editing the document.

Microsoft Office 2016 also makes the sharing process becomes simplified. You can share your document by clicking a button. We can also use the Outlook in order to choose the modern attachment. If you attach the files from OneDrive, it will configure the permission automatically even though you are staying in the Outlook window.

The office works for and with you

By staying with Office 16, you will get the result you want in a faster way. There is “Tell Me” feature that will allow you to say the application of Ms Office and you will get what you want. Smart Lookup feature will show the word you type in other documents by highlighting it.

Staying connected with family, friends, and especially work is important. You can do it through all your devices. If you use a touch screen, you can use touch to navigate, zoom, edit, and even read as well as writing a note. The ink is digital though. You can also save anything you want on OneDrive cloud storage and look up for it from any device.

The difference between Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Office 16

Office 365 is the service that based on subscription. It will make sure that you are always on the up-to-date version of Microsoft. This package offers several types of application package such as home and personal use, nonprofits, school, big company, and small or midsized business. The subscription can be paid annually or monthly, based on what you chose.

The Home plan of Office 365 allows you to share the subscription with four members in your household. You can also choose the Basic plan that includes the Office in online versions, email, and file storage.

Meanwhile, Microsoft Office 2016 is sold as a one-time purchase that can be used for one computer. If you want to upgrade it into the higher version, you should pay for the full price. This is available for both Windows and Macs in all plans. If you do not know what version of Microsoft your computer uses then, you can head to the official website of Microsoft.

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