Microsoft Surface Book: The Best Hybrid Laptop

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Microsoft Surface Book is not a regular laptop; this laptop has features like other Surface hybrids that have a much higher specification. Surface Book is not a regular laptop, this laptop has features like other Surface hybrid but has a much higher specification. Surface Book is the first Microsoft built-in Windows 10 laptop that was introduced in October 2015.

History of the most wanted Microsoft Surface Book features

This device does not look like anything more than a sleek laptop made by HP, Dell or another. But up close, look something special. The screen has a distinctive sloping surface shape as well as perforated ventilation for cooling along its sides.

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The digital pen hangs on the left side, thanks to the magnet, and is easily grabbed and laid, although there is no magnet on the right or top (at the bottom, but when the screen is separated).

Dynamic Fulcrum hinges do a good job, holding a stable screen without wobble, even when you are pressing and swiping the screen. Users can flip the screen when reinstalling with a folded keyboard on the back. That way, you can still get additional battery power (12 hours in the installed condition, 3 hours on screen only) as well as full GPU power.

To keep the component temperature inside it cool, so the heat dissipation system is also updated. Way, Microsoft installed an additional fan and hyperbaric cooling system. Thus the performance of all components that are very powerful can run optimally without having to worry about the heat.

One fascinating thing that is of Surface Book is the endurance of the battery. The 2-in-1 laptop is claimed to be able to work for up to about 16 hours, increased 30% compared to previous versions of Microsoft Surface Book.

Microsoft Surface Book greatest hardware and bundled software

About speed, this device is very responsive for typing in Word or drawing in OneNote, Photoshop, and Fresh Paint. It also has a quick response to hand movements such as swiping, zooming and touching. Surface Book can move the zip file of 3GB in less than 5 seconds. Surface Book can do video editing using Adobe Premiere without lag at all.

Surface Book combines the generation of Intel to 6 Core i5 and Core i7 with Intel HD graphics 520, and NVIDIA discrete Graphics GeForce. This laptop is also equipped with 16 GB RAM and 1 TB of HD memory.

This laptop also uses Windows 10 Pro that running well on 6 Generation Intel Core i5 (for 4 – 8 GB RAM version and 128-512 GB HD memory) or Core i7 (for 16 GB RAM version and 1 TB HD memory). This laptop is compatible with all the latest software.

With all the features and advantages it has, this laptop is a laptop that is more for those who want to have a working laptop. This sophisticated device is not a gaming laptop. This laptop has a price that matches what you can do with this laptop. The Book is a sale from $ 1400 – $ 2600.

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