Microsoft HoloLens: Incredible Mixed Reality Smartglasses

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Microsoft HoloLens – Augmented reality viewers are all the rage right now, and Microsoft is certainly in on it. Having announced its take on what the company is referred to as Mixed-Reality technology, Microsoft has relentlessly been developing the future of computing. Keep reading to learn more about the magnificent Microsoft HoloLens and what sets them apart of its competitors in the augmented reality viewer industry.

Microsoft HoloLens – the ultimate augmented-reality device

In this day and age, technology advances in what seems like the speed of light. The onslaught of new products being launched makes it increasingly difficult for many of us to be impressed.

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The augmented reality device is one of the products which, while it made us curious in the beginning, did not impress us in the slightest once we had given it a try. It was mostly because all of the devices we have tried did not feel right – they all felt more like an upgrade rather than a revolutionary piece of gadget.

Then the Microsoft unveiled Microsoft HoloLens in 2015 at its Windows 10 product event. The technology which was developed from its XBOX’s Kinect gaming console, and we started wondering if there was something revolutionary about the gadget. The verdict? It’s, by far, the best-augmented reality device in the industry that we have entirely no doubt will change the future of computing.

So what makes the HoloLens different from its competitors? To answer this question, let’s go over the hardware, features, and everything related to this ultimate holographic, mixed-reality gadget. See the following for our in-depth coverage.

What makes Microsoft HoloLens the future of computing?

The HoloLens is, without a doubt, a bold piece of hardware. Featuring an inertial measurement unit which consists of gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer with an incredibly energy-efficient camera boasting 2.4-megapixel video camera and 120-degree x 120-degree angle view, the wireless HoloLens’ headset is also equipped with a ground-breaking ambient light sensor and 4-microphone array.

All of the features mentioned above contribute to the vivid, crisp display and fluid, intuitive interaction. Running on Windows10, the headset contains Microsoft custom-made Holographic Processing Unit, Intel Cherry Trail SoC for the GPU and CPU.

Its incredible holographic density makes for the ultimate augmented reality experience, and the best thing from this headset is that it understands the user’s’ gaze, gestures, and voice which enables natural interaction. Not only that, but the HoloLens also makes it possible for users to hear the holograms wherever they are.

As of this year, the piece of device is accompanied by quite some applications to make the holographic experience more incredible. The Microsoft made all of the following applications free for those who purchase its Developer Edition:

  • Holograms: the catalog which consists of an extensive collection of 3D objects that can be scaled and placed all over them.
  • Cortana: the Microsoft own intelligent virtual assistant.
  • HoloStudio: an application which consists of a full-scale 3D modeling and is compatible with Microsoft’s 3D print.
  • Skype implementation, which makes it possible for users to dial and communicate with its Video call.

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