Microsoft Groove Music: Enjoy Your Music Freely

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Microsoft Groove Music – Do you listen to music every day? Happy and even mind relaxing effect can be found through music. Now, the most important question is which music service you use? Is it Microsoft Groove? You don’t know about this grove stuff? Don’t worry; here we will explain it to you.

What is Microsoft Groove Music?

Microsoft Groove is the recent music service developed by Microsoft. You may ever use it once but in a different name. Does it ring a bell, when I said Xbox Music or Zune Music? Yes, that was the previous name of Groove Music.

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Groove Music itself is a digital service that provides millions of songs you can enjoy online. In the Groove catalog, you can find more than 38 million tracks. However, it’s not a free service. If you want to use this service and enjoy those songs, you need to pay for a subscription. The other way is using Windows Store and buys the song that you like from there.

And, as mentioned before, you need to pay a subscription service to enjoy this service. The name for this subscription is Groove Music Pass. If you use Xbox or Zune Music, you must be familiar with Xbox Music Pass as well as Zune Music Pass. It is the new version of those two subscription model.

Groove Music Pass offered the trial time around one month for you. However, if you have tried the Zune Music Pass before it changes into Groove Music, you can’t get it. This special offer only made for you who just try Microsoft Groove service.

What Can You Get from Groove Music?

Other than a whole lot of music you can play and download, Groove Music also offers several things that make listening to music become much fun and enjoyable.

  • OneDrive.
    First, you can use OneDrive. By using OneDrive, you can access the music that you purchased before from any devices. Therefore, you don’t need to download and buy it more when you want to enjoy the music.
  • Groove Music Pass Library.
    If you access it from Windows 8 PC, you also can put it in your local library. You can only do it by using Groove Music Pass. And, the other good thing is if you use Windows 10 PC, you also can upload the non-Groove music into your library. Therefore, you can add more and more on your music collection with this feature.
  • Radio Station.
    The most exciting feature in Microsoft groove maybe is the radio station feature. With this feature, you can create a playlist of the music from Groove Music. Then, the Groove will search the music and play it for you anywhere you want. This feature also allows you to download the music and enjoy it offline.
  • Groove Music API.
    The Groove is one of the easy to use and satisfy music service you can find today. More than that, if you are a developer, you also can discover Groove Music API. With this, you can access RESTful web service to add more on your catalog. You can use this to provide the music service on your website or application.

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