Microsoft Windows 8: Best Features You Need To Know

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Microsoft has improved some systems and applications which will be very helpful later on. The latest technology will help you manage all of the resources better than before. Lastly, the BitLocker can help you provision the drive encryption easily.

Do you know Microsoft Windows 8? It is an operating system which has been released by Microsoft company in 2012. Different to the previous versions, this operating system provides some features which are not available in Windows 7. Here, Windows 8 introduces major changes in its platform to make the users satisfied.

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What are the features of Microsoft Windows 8?

The new features in this Windows 8 operating system include a new system – called Hybrid Boot – which can hibernate the system to boost the subsequent boot. The UEFI integration in this operating system is also improved. Besides, Windows 8 gives native support which aims to make the data transfer becomes faster through the USB devices.

Besides, the Windows Explorer in this operating system is renamed with File Explorer. Not only that, the dialog boxes of the operation file likewise have been improved to give statistics which more detailed. Moreover, you can pause the process of transfer when you are transferring files. In the management of file and folder, you can move file and folder from the parent folder to the sub-folder through breadcrumb.

On the desktop, you can see the significant changes which are brought by Microsoft Windows 8. This new feature aims to make the experience of using a tablet computer. The start screen in this operating system provides a customizable arrangement of application places to the desktop program. Moreover, you can snap the apps to the side of your screen as well.

What makes Windows 8 different with the predecessor?

One of the significant differences in this operating system can be seen from the task manager. Here, the task manager becomes simpler than in Windows 7. You can end task the program that you choose just in a click. The next difference can be seen when you are copying some files, in Microsoft Windows 8, you can even pause the process. Moreover, the speed of the copying process is also shown up in this new operating system.

Now, with this Windows 8, you can log in into the Windows through Microsoft Account. This system can be utilized to check the services and to sync the applications. Here, you can see Internet Explorer 10 as well. In this new Internet Explorer, the usage which usually takes extra power now has been improved to provide low power. However, the new program in the Internet Explorer – called Adobe Flash – can only be utilized on websites which get a whitelist.

What does Windows 8 security improvements provide?

There are some improvements in the Windows 8 security. The Microsoft company provides you a family safety settings which will keep your family safe. Why? Because you can monitor the internet activities of your children. Moreover, you can block some websites which you think not safe for your children. There is also an application – called Windows Update – which can update your pc or laptop automatically.
You don’t need to be worried about the antivirus protection; here this Windows 8 is equipped with Windows Defender. Replacing the Microsoft Security Essentials, this new security system will notify you when you have to take critical action to your pc or laptop.

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