Microsoft Windows 8.1: Best Features And Security Systems

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Have you known Microsoft Windows 8.1? It is an operating system of upgraded Windows 8. This operating system has been released in 2013, a year after the release of Windows 8. Besides, Windows 8.1 is made to complete the previous version’s weaknesses. Equipped with additional applications, Microsoft Windows 8.1 will provide better performance to you.

What are the features of Microsoft Windows 8.1?

Some applications on the desktop are updated with improved features. The first one is the browsing app; here you can get information about updates automatically. The next is the mail app, provides you with additional features and an improved interface. In the camera app, you will be provided a Photosynth which can be used to create a panorama. Moreover, you can also the Photo app with some added editing tools.

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The other applications which exist in this Windows 8.1 consist of the sound recorder, the reading list, the scan, and the helpful tips. Not only that, there is an application – called OneDrive – which can be used to synchronize the file and set of users. Here, your file will be automatically downloaded when your file is accessed from your OneDrive app. Also, you can’t utilize this app if you are offline. This operating system is also installed with Internet Explorer 11.

On the desktop, Microsoft has simplified the look to improve the performance of Windows 8.1. Here, you can still use the desktop normally. However, the transparency effects which sometimes make the previous operating system performance not run optimally, have been removed. So, the improvement on the desktop will make your pc or laptop run well and smoothly.

What makes this new operating system better than Windows 8?

This operating system is made for answering the complaints from the people. Indeed, when you are trying to run the previous Windows, you might find something difficult and confusing. As been described before, Windows 8.1 will cover the weaknesses of Windows 8. You can find out some different things when this operating system is compared to the previous Windows.

When you look at the start button in Windows 8, you will find nothing. Here, the application is given back on to this Windows’s desktop. Besides, Windows 8 also provide you with an option to do direct boot. This old feature will be very helpful if you do not like using the Start button. Not only that, but this operating system also introduces a full-screen app.

How about security improvements in Windows 8.1?

This operating system has provided security of enterprise-grade which prevent your data in your pc or laptop get harmful malware. Besides, Windows 8.1 also modernizes the system of data management and access control. The security systems such as a secure boot system trusted boot system, app locker system, SmartScreen system, windows defender, and the Kernel improvements would make this operating system more secure.

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