Microsoft PowerPoint: The History of Greatest Presentation Software

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Whether you are aware or not, there are more than 30 million Microsoft PowerPoint presentations conducted by workers in all parts of the world daily. The familiarity and simplicity of the software are what makes it a household name, a software that could be found in more than 250 million computers.

Dominating more than 95-percent of presentation software that is available in the market, the Microsoft PowerPoint used to be an extremely basic black and white application which belonged to Macintosh computer roughly 30 years ago. So how does it manage to find its way to Microsoft and blow up in the market? What exactly are the features and functions of this software? All of the answers can be found in the following section.

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The history behind the long journey of Microsoft PowerPoint

As stated in the beginning, the concept of PowerPoint was developed for the Macintosh. Referred to as Presenter in the past, the program was developed by Forethought, Inc.

Due to trademarks issues, the men behind the software, Thomas Rudkin and Dennis Austin, were forced to change the software’s moniker from Presenter to PowerPoint in 1987. However, in the same year, Microsoft bought Forethought, Inc for about $14-million and the software program was then further developed until it was released alongside Windows 3.0 on May 22nd, 1990.

After its initial release Microsoft continued to develop the software and after a few years, the presentation software was released as a part of the Office 97 and introduced as PowerPoint 97. In this version, Microsoft also incorporated the VBA language (the abbreviated form of Visual Basic for Application) to the presentation software.

Since then, the PowerPoint has evolved greatly, and as of reports in 2012, Microsoft announced that all of the PowerPoint versions claim a good chunk of the market share of a whopping 95-percent. It means the frequency of this program of being used is estimated at a staggering 350 times/second worldwide.

The features and functions of Microsoft PowerPoint

Despite the continuous development and updates of the presentation software program, the functions of PowerPoint are largely similar, and they are to help even the most design-challenged individual create a captivating and professional-looking presentation.

With features such as PowerPoint Designer and Morph, we can easily pick the high-quality image and design to customize for our presentation as well as pick our favorite cinematic motion to adequately bring our vision and ideas to life. Not only assisting in the design, but the software also provides a feature to assist you during the time of presenting.

The latest PowerPoint 2019 comes with the new Zoom, Presenter View, and Auto Extend features. All of which serve as tools to help you minimize fumble and stay focus during the presentation. Not only that, those who have an Office 365 subscription can save their PowerPoint projects online. On top of that, there is also a collaboration feature which makes it possible for you and your co-workers to work on a shared project.

Download Microsoft Powerpoint for Windows 10

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