Basic Information about Microsoft Access

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Other software that is included in the Microsoft Office System is Microsoft Access. Even though this software is not as popular as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, you might need to use this software when working with your office tasks. Below are several basic details that you might need to know about Microsoft Access.

What Is Microsoft Access used for?

Microsoft Access is database software that is released by Microsoft in Microsoft Office System package. The database is a collection of information that is stored systematically in the computer so that it can be used by other software to gain information from that database.

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The database also can be described as data archive in the form of tables that are related to each other and create integrated information. To create information using a database, you need data as an entry. Data entry is material for database and information is its result.

Features in Microsoft Access

There are several basic features that you can find in almost any versions of Microsoft Access. These features are including:

  • Table.
    The table in Microsoft Access is used to store the data based on the rules of a relational database which consists of rows and columns. You can find the ID column in a table which is the primary key, and there is also Add New Field feature that can be used to create a new field on the table. Several types of data can be displayed on table such as text, number, memo, date or time, OLE object, currency, and hyperlink. Each of this type of data has its own function.
  • Query.
    Query is commands that are used to modify database such as delete, change, choose, and combine data. Query that is used by users can be stored so that you can use it again for other database. Query is a feature that has several functions. Query allows you to display the contents of table that you desired. Query also can be used for calculating as well.
  • Form.
    Form is a feature that is used to display data that is made on database. Form also can be used to make, check, and renew data.
  • Report.
    Report is a feature that is used for displaying data or printing data that is made on database. Report also can be used to make summary and process data so that it can be presented as ready to be printed report.
  • Macro.
    Macro is a feature that can be used for storing all automatic commands that are related with the database that have been made.
  • Module.
    Module is feature that is used for programming on several aspects in Microsoft Access.

Microsoft Access Functionality and Operating System

Microsoft Access has several functions such as for making financial report and for making form and sub form. Basic function of this software is to manage data creating process in a making of a system.

You can use Microsoft Access to make basic web application. This software also can be used for creating employees salary application and inventory application. Some companies might use Microsoft Access as list of attendees. This software can run in various OS from Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, even to Windows 10.

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