Microsoft OneDrive: The Best Thing That You Need to Know

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Microsoft OneDrive – Microsoft is one of the biggest software developers in the world these days. There are so many applications that are created by Microsoft that is used these days widely. One of them is Microsoft OneDrive. What is exactly Microsoft OneDrive and what is the function of this software? This article will give you some quick introduction to Microsoft OneDrive.

What Is Microsoft OneDrive?

Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud storage service that is provided by Microsoft. This software is similar to Google Drive from Google or iCloud from Apple. OneDrive is software that acts as cloud storage that allows you to store your data virtually on Microsoft’s servers. This software works similarly to Dropbox which allows users to store their data in a cloud server.

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OneDrive is software that is integrated with desktop and other functions of personal computers or laptops such as folders that are located on other computers. Files and data that are moved or copied to the OneDrive folder will be automatically uploaded to cloud storage.

Features That Are Available in Micrososft OneDrive

There are several features that are available in Microsoft OneDrive. These features are including:

  • Complete Supported Applications.
    Microsoft OneDrive came with several additional applications that support its main function. These additional applications will make you easier to upload files and data to cloud storage. You will also be able to share your files and data easier by using these additional applications.
  • Free Storage.
    One of the benefits of using Microsoft OneDrive is that it provides free storage for all your files and data. You do not need to pay monthly fees or other charges for using this cloud storage service. As long as you’ve installed Microsoft Office 365, you will be able to use this cloud storage service for free.
  • Store Photos and Videos.
    Microsoft OneDrive not only can be used to store data and documents but you also can use this online service to store photos and videos as well. There is enough space for you to store high-quality photos or high definition videos on this cloud storage.
  • Excellent Workflow.
    This software also offers excellent workflow for your network as well. With Microsoft OneDrive, it will be easier for you to share files and documents from one computer to another computer in your network. You will be able to build a better office environment using Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Easy to Use User Interface.
    Another great thing about Microsoft OneDrive is that it offers easy to use user interface so that even users with beginner level computer skill can use this software easily. The user interface of this software is also very visually attractive as well.

Microsoft OneDrive Functionality and Supported OS

Microsoft OneDrive is designed to work in various choices of the operating system. Operating systems that support this software are including Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. With this software, Windows users can access data and documents from several different computers.

You also can open and stream documents, videos and other files from other computers. Documents and files can be distributed collaboratively to other computers that also have this software. There are several choices of storage capacity that you can choose based on your needs.

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