Microsoft Windows 10: The New Operating System of Windows

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Do you know the latest product of Windows? Yup, it is Microsoft Windows 10. An operating system which has been released by Microsoft, in 2015. Different from the previous versions, this operating system will be receiving the feature updates directly. Besides, the Windows 10 is also labelled as a universal app.

What are the features?

Here, there are some features which are provided by Windows 10. The first one is Windows Ink. You can quickly access this feature with just one click of your digital pen. Moreover, this can be conducted from the screen locked. You can make utilise this program as an intelligent sticky note, sketchpad, and screen sketch. When you are using office or word, you can also utilise this Windows Ink to make your work easier.

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The second feature is Windows Hello. Here, this program is very effective and efficient in Microsoft Windows 10. You don’t need to type a password on your pc or laptop. Why? Because Windows Hello will do the job. By using a camera to recognize your face, this program will run its function directly. Besides you can log in faster, your laptop or pc will be more secure as well.

The next is Cortana, a program which will be your assistance in Windows 10. This new feature is created to help you do many things such as complete your tasks, set your reminders, and make you more productive. Moreover, Microsoft Cortana can also be conducted by your voice. With this sophisticated technology, your life will be completely assisted.

What makes Windows 10 different with the previous Windows?

Here, you can get some programs which are very useful and helpful. There is a paint 3D which can create or modify an art from the 2D picture into a 3D object. Besides, you can share your work with your social media platforms or to the 3D community. Moreover, there is a program – called windows mixed reality – which can change the virtual view into reality by utilizing virtual reality google.

In the past, when you are utilizing your browser, sometimes you get tab chaos. Now, with Microsoft Edge, you will never meet the tab chaos anymore. Why? Because Windows 10 has improved their performance to make you satisfied with them. Also, this program allows you to the group and save the web pages. Then, this Edge will find, manage, and open the tabs you saved without leaving the page you are on.

Is there any improvement in security?

Yes, of course, it is. Now, Microsoft has provided the best security system in this Microsoft Windows 10. The most comprehensive security which is installed gives the most secure operating system which is ever built. Here, you can see that Windows 10 is equipped with windows firewall, anti-virus system, windows defender software, and anti-phishing system. Also, those systems are provided without charging at any cost.

On the other hand, there is online protection which is called SmartScreen Filter. This program will prevent and protect your pc or laptop from harmful websites. With this program, your device will be completely protected in 24 hours each day.

If Windows 10 users have a problem, they can learn about how to get help in Windows 10 in many ways. Microsoft provides many ways to help their user so that they can use Windows 10 OS with less worry.

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