Microsoft Surface Computers: Awesome Device from Microsoft

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Microsoft introduced Microsoft Surface at the D5 conference on May 29, 2007. Microsoft Surface is used for the first time by consumers engaged in the hospitality business, restaurants, entertainment, and military. The availability of this product marked the initial launch of Microsoft Surface at AT & T’s sale on April 17, 2008.

Evolution of the Microsoft Surface

Surfaces are present in 7 products each of which has advantages and disadvantages. The first three products of Surface may seem like a trial project because they are both followed by the “Pro” version which was launched shortly after the “non-Pro” version. All Surfaces variants have one common goal of exclusivity. Microsoft presents a Surface series to compete with Apple.

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Microsoft wants to present something more exclusive to its users because during this time Microsoft is better known for a software and Windows series. Microsoft wants to create all-Microsoft stuff, unlike their software that can be used in all computers and supported phones and tablets. Here is the evolution of the Surface series:

  1. Microsoft Surface RT
  2. Microsoft Surface 2 Pro
  3. Microsoft Surface 3
  4. Microsoft Surface Pro 3
  5. Microsoft Surface Pro 4
  6. Microsoft Surface Book
  7. Microsoft Surface Studio

Microsoft Surface product comparisons from time to time

  1. Surface RT.
    On June 18, 2012, Microsoft launched its newest Surface tablet. The device that will launch later this year comes in a choice of two Intel-based flavors, and the other will run on an ARM chip and run Windows 8. The ARM version will run Windows RT, while the Intel version will run Windows 8 Pro.
    Platform: The latest generation TEGRA processor
    Screen: 10.6 inches, Clear Type Full HD (1920 × 1080 or 1080p)
    Battery: Up to 8 hours
    Weight: 750 grams (identical to Surface RT tablet)
    Thickness: 0.37 inches (identical to RT Surface tablet)
    Main features: Windows RT 8.1, white color options (optional), Vapor Mg casing, integrated kickstand, front and rear camera, Bluetooth 4.0, full-size USB 3.0 ports, Micro SD slot that can be used up to 64GB, video port -out HD, bundled with Office Home & Student 2013 RT
  2. Surface 2 Pro.
    Surface 2 has a look and functionality that is better than its predecessor. One of the things that distinguish is, Surface 2 is reinforced by a TEGRA 4 processor and 1080p screen.
  3. Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3.
    Both variants Surface has almost similar specs. Two things that may be a drawback are the absence of fan embedded in Surface 3, and those have a different price.
  4. Surface Pro 4.
    Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is available from Intel Core M3, Core i5 and Broadwell i7 core 7, variant choices of 4GB of RAM, 8GB, And 16GB DDR3, and Intel HD Graphics 5500 Series
  5. Surface Book and Studio.
    Unlike previous Surface products, Book is a hybrid laptop (can be a laptop and tablet). Microsoft presents a laptop that has great specifications. This laptop was created to compete with the MacBook Pro.

Meanwhile, Studio is an all-in PC. It is a Surface desktop that you can use to do any heavy work. All the best Surface features are in this series. Book and Studio have almost the same specifications and features; the only difference is in mobility.

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