A Closer Look at Microsoft Word 2013

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Microsoft Word 2013 – Microsoft Office 2013 is the new version of Microsoft Office that is released on 29 October 2013. Just like the previous versions of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office 2013 came in several different products such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Word. There are some changes that you can find in Microsoft Word 2013 compared to the previous versions of Microsoft Word.

Some incredible new features were added, and some old features are removed from Microsoft Word 2013. Features that are excluded from Microsoft Word 2013 are including XML Markup, old WordArt objects, and Clear Type.

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New Features in Microsoft Word 2013

There are some amazing new features that are added to Microsoft Word 2013. These new features are including:

  • The New Design Tab
    You can find a new tab in Microsoft Word 2013 which is called Design Tab. This new tab contains the different view format of the document. Several groups can be found under this new tab such as Themes and Page Background. On the Themes group, you can find features such as Themes, Fonts, and Colors. On Page Background group you can find features such as Page Color, Watermark, and Page Borders.
  • Read Mode View
    Another awesome new feature that can be found in Microsoft Word 2013 is Read Mode View that allows Microsoft Word 2013 to display page in a horizontal column. This feature is a little bit similar to the Full-Screen Reading View feature that can be found in Microsoft Word 2010. The difference is that the Read Mode View feature is designed for users that use Microsoft Word 2013 on tablet or devices with touch screen.
  • Alignment Guides and Live Layout
    Alignment Guides is a green line that will automatically appear when you move object, pictures, graphic, shape, or SmartArt. This green line will act as a margin line and page border, heading, or paragraph. Live Layout is a feature that can be used to show document view in real time when you move, resize, or rotate object, picture, graphic, shape, or SmartArt. The position of text that surrounds the object will automatically change so that you will be able to see the document view before you apply the change more easily.
  • PDF Reflow
    With this awesome new feature, you will be able to open and edit PDF file in Microsoft Word 2013. PDF Reflow feature will automatically convert the PDF file into Word document that is editable.

The Difference between Microsoft Word 2013 and Office 365

The main difference between Microsoft Word 2013 and Office 365 is that you only buy Microsoft Word 2013 once while if you use Office 365, you need to pay a monthly fee since you only rent this software. Other difference is that Office 365 allows you to save your files to cloud storage while if you use Microsoft Word 2013, you only will be able to save your files to your hard drives or other physical storage devices.

Other major difference between these two is that you only can install Microsoft Word 2013 on one computer while if you use Office 365, you can install it on five computers.

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