Microsoft Excel 2016: New Amazing Features from Microsoft Office

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Microsoft Excel 2016 – Microsoft Office 2016 is the latest version of Microsoft Office that is released on 22 September 2015. Just like the previous version of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office 2016 came as a package that contains several products from Microsoft Word to Microsoft Access. One of the programs that can be found in Microsoft Office 2016 is Microsoft Excel 2016.

The primary function of Microsoft Excel 2016 is not so different than its predecessors. This program is still designed for data analysis and data processing. However, several new features can be found in Microsoft Excel 2016 that are not available on the previous versions of this program.

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New Features in Microsoft Excel 2016

Some new features are available in Microsoft Excel 2016. These features are including:

  • Database Query
    This feature can be used as a data processor for big data and external data source such as data from Microsoft Access or data from SQL Server. Microsoft Excel 2016 can be used as a database query for tables that are available in a database that can be processed later as a report in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
  • Quick Analysis Tool
    The quick analysis tool is a feature that can be used if you want to analyze the data quickly. There are several options for data analysis that you can use from formatting, chart recommendation, sparkline, and even to option that allows you to add formula automatically when you made a data table in Excel.
  • Sharing and Collaboration
    In the previous versions of Excel, you need to access backstage view in menu File to share Excel files to your colleagues through e-mail, SharePoint, or OneDrive. In Microsoft Excel 2016, Excel file sharing can be done more easily. Microsoft Excel 2016 has added a shortcut on the top right corner of the screen to help you share your Excel files.
  • Chart
    The chart is a form of data visualization in the graphic to describe the trend in certain data. In Microsoft Excel 2016, there are six new types of charts that you can use such as Treemap, Sunburst, Histogram, Pareto, and Waterfall. The function of each of these charts is different, and you can use them for various purposes.
  • 3D Power Maps
    Power Map is an incredible feature that is available in Microsoft Excel 2013 as an add-on. However, in Microsoft Excel 2016, this feature is included as a standard feature in the program. Power maps can be used to compare the data.

The Difference between Microsoft Excel 2016 and Office 365

The difference of Microsoft Excel 2016 with Office 365 is quite similar to the difference of other Office 2016 products with Office 365. It is because Microsoft Excel 2016 is a part of Microsoft Office 2016. As you might know, Microsoft Excel 2016 requires you to buy the Office 2016 package once while Office 365 doesn’t require you to buy, but you only need to pay for the monthly fee.

Other difference is that Microsoft Excel 2016 only can be used for one computer while Office 365 can be used for several computers at the same time.

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