Microsoft PowerPoint 2013: The Amazing Features For Presenter

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Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 – Creating a presentation is one of the most important processes in any project; from business dealings to homework, people of all walks of life benefit from PowerPoint.

Yes, PowerPoint is indeed the ultimate presentation program that has been dominating the industry with its 95-percent share in the market since its initial release. Keep reading to learn the features and functions which makes it the go-to program.

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microsoft powerpoint 2013

Presenting your visions to the crowd is not an easy task. Not only do you have to be eloquent and very well versed on the matter to better communicate your visions, but you also have to catch their attention and make them interested in what you have to say. The best possible way to get your point across is, without a doubt, by presenting your vision using a captivating medium.

Listening to a lengthy explanation often is not enough to make the crowd understand, which is why during a presentation, slideshows are used sparingly to complement your presenting efforts.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 New Features

The problem is, not everyone is capable of designing an exciting presentation. Fortunately, however, we are living in an age where there is Microsoft PowerPoint. The latest PowerPoint comes with all of the features and capabilities that we are all aware of, and then some! Yes, various new features and enhancements are added for those who own an Office 365 subscription.

From the ability to collaborate on a shared project that is stored in a OneDrive storage with your co-authors, to the ability to get early access the moment a new feature is being released.

This subscription concept may seem confusing to some people who have no idea about the new subscription plan rolled out by Microsoft. These days, there are two types of Office you can purchase, the subscription plan Office 365 version and the standalone Office 2016.

While both of the plans come with the mobile productivity feature which makes it possible for you to create, or edit and even share your project using your handheld devices, only the Office 365 version has the shared-project collaboration feature.

The features and enhancements in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

In the previous Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 version, changes in the interface can be instantly noticed. The additional Comment pane makes it possible for users to add any feedback given right during the presentation, this is section is also equipped with the ability to hide revisions as well as comments.

Needing a great choice to start your presentation? Not a big deal. PowerPoint 2013 version also provides users with a myriad of selections. You may opt for a theme, a template, recent presentation, or maybe a blank presentation – your call.

As for the design, PowerPoint 2013 also comes with incredible enhancements which are refreshing. The variations on font and color palettes give you more choices to choose from. Presentation feature such as Smart Guides which appears automatically every time you place an image or pictures on your slide is a great tool to help you ensure that the object in question is placed evenly.

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