Microsoft Bing: Get the Best Answer and Specific Information As You Need

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Did you often hear about Microsoft Bing? You may often hear about Bing and may sometimes use Bing when you search something on the internet. Yes, Bing is a web search engine. This incredible search engine is owned and operated by Microsoft. This search engine is designed to help people in finding an accurate result.

Besides, Bing is completed with a feature to save and share searching history. There are five searching categories that you can do by using Bing; they are web, images, news, maps, and videos. Want to know more about Bing?

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How was the Chronology of Microsoft Bing Formation?

Before Microsoft Bing was formed, there were already three web search engines that were owned and operated by Microsoft. They are MSN Search, Windows Live Search, and Live Search. But unfortunately, those three search engine still cannot as good as google search as the most used search engine for people who like to search for anything on the internet.

For the first time, in 1998, Microsoft design the MSN Search which was just consisted of the search engine, web crawler, and index. From this time Microsoft tried the best to make the improvements of the search engine they had designed, and the program was upgraded into Beta in 2004. For the best result, Microsoft also cooperates with the third party, that is Picsearch, to get a better image search engine.

Since MSN still could not rival the google search, Microsoft also tries to improve the new engine. The search engine that was built after the MSN search is Windows Live Search on 11 September 2006. Better than before, this Windows Live Search engine made a more specific search engine, consisting of search tabs which included Web, news, images, music, desktop, local, and Microsoft Encarta.

Did not satisfied enough with the result, Microsoft tried to part the search engine with the Windows Live, so that the name of the engine also changed into Live Search. And in this time Microsoft realized that the brand name also determines how people recognize it. So, on 3rd June of 2009, Microsoft brings new identity namely Bing.

What Fitur that Can You Use on Bing?

You can rely on Bing as the search engine if you want to look for some information on webs. Even this search engine was predicted can compete for the google search which all this time become the dominant search engine. The features on Bing are the best match, interface, media features, instant answer, maps, and travel.

With those features, you can see that there are some advantages that you can get such as answering even until calculation, you can zoom in and zoom out the image result, and you do not have to click the result, just bring the cursor to the image, and it will show directly.

In this era, we certainly really close to the internet, so that it is very important to search for anything easily and get information as detail as we want. You can use Bing as your search engine and enjoy these new features for the accurate result.

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