Microsoft Surface Studio: The Magnificent & Powerful Machine for Professionals

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Microsoft Surface Studio is present as a super sophisticated Personal Computer (PC) and looks attractive. The design is made to be converted into a drawing board. The concept of 2 in 1 that carried this could be one of the trump cards owned by Surface Studio.

Microsoft Surface Studio – The most intelligent drawing canvas you can get

iMac computers have always been synonymous with designers or graphics workers. However, Apple has not released a new generation of iMac for quite a while. This opportunity is utilized by Microsoft to bring Microsoft Surface Studio; an all-in PC with all the best technologies that Microsoft has.

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The Studio is built to answer the demand of graphic designers about an advanced technology that can help them better in work, something that might be better than Apple. Microsoft needs to wait patiently for the adaptation of the designer with graphics software owned by Surface Studio. It is because the designers are very familiar to work with the competitor’s product (iMac).

Built mainly for designers, Surface Studio screen angle can be arranged up to 20 degrees. In this position, it is expected that users can draw or inspect documents from Word more conveniently. This device can also be connected with various Microsoft accessories, such as Surface Pen and Surface Dial.

With this design, the operation can be more flexible. For example, if the user wants to work normally, the PC mode can be used. As for design work or drawing directly, drawing board mode similar to a tablet can be easier. Also, there is new hardware called Surface Dial that serves as a shortcut and navigation. This feature does not belong to other Windows computers, including MacOs.

Microsoft Surface Studio Specification details

In addition to the beautiful, Microsoft Surface Studio also has very powerful specifications. In a way, Surface Studio uses the strongest level Windows currently has. The operating system used is the most advanced version of Windows, the Windows 10 Pro. The processor used is also Intel Core i7-6820 HQ, 3.7 GHz, graphics Nvidia GTX 980 M, and RAM 32 GB.

You do not need to wait for a process with such amount of RAM. The amount of RAM is even ahead of Apple products that just released New MacBook Pro 32 GB in the next year. In terms of display, this PC has a screen wide enough, 63 cm x 43 cm with 192 pixels image quality. And of course, all that you can enjoy with the touch screen feature! As well as a thick screen this is only 12.5 mm.

The lowest version of all in PC will be priced at $ 2.999, an intermediate version of $ 3,499, or the highest version for $ 4,199. The thing that distinguishes the three is RAM and HD memory; the rest is the same. It is thin, but 28 Inch screen is capable of projecting 13.5 Million Pixels where the figure is considered 63% greater than the 4k tv which is currently sold in the market. Thus Microsoft Surface Studio PC is an all in one PC with the best screen.

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