Amazing Microsoft Windows 7: Everything You Need to Know

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Microsoft cooperation is always developing its products. Microsoft Windows 7 was the latest Microsoft product launched. It becomes one of the best Microsoft Windows products from this cooperation. It offered its distinct features and strengths making you comfortable in using it. What are things that can be known in this windows series?

What is Microsoft Windows 7?

Windows 7 was released currently by Microsoft Windows replacing to Windows Vista. It was the latest windows version using start menu replacing to the previous windows versions. It was not representing new features in this Windows focusing more on the basic development of Windows. It is aimed at getting compatible with applications and hardware of a computer.

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When was the Release Date of Microsoft Windows 7?

Windows 7 was released by the biggest and hugest computer cooperation on July, 22th, 2009. Then, it was released for public on October, 22th, 2009. Windows 7 was launched to the public after three years release of Windows Vista in the market.

What Are Some Features of Microsoft Windows 7?

There are some great features embedded in Microsoft Windows 7. The first feature is Aero. This is interface making your visual interaction by spoiling your eyes when you see the desktop of your PC. Aero Peek makes the windows opened transparently so that you’ll see your desktop. This enables you to look at the items on the taskbar for thumbnail preview.

Meanwhile, Aero Snap is a quick way to change the size of windows to make it read, manage, and compare easily. Then, Aero Flip becomes the other features of this windows version. It is enabling you to see all opened windows from the center windows or 3D look.

Aero shake is possibly getting you to take your mouse and shake it by only opening the focused windows. Taskbar Windows 7 becomes the last feature in Microsoft Windows 7. It tends to be more comfortable to use with a bigger and wider look and easy access.

What Makes You Like Microsoft Windows 7?

Some things are making you like this windows series. Microsoft Windows 7 has faster booting. The booting time duration is faster than the previous windows. This windows series is also power consumption saving. Less power consumption inevitably brings benefits to you. It is making your laptop or computer more stable than Windows Vista due to the less power consumption.

It is leading to its optimization in perfecting. The optimization in loading data process is working for both HD and SSD. There is also an application of device storage in Microsoft Windows 7. It is easing you to show all new things related to a particular peripheral like configuration and documentation features. You can also select the wireless network with only one click from tray system.

It is also supporting multi-touch technology for moving quickly depending on the previous windows. The data search system is faster than Windows Vista so that it is helping you to multitasking activities. It also has an interesting look of menu including home group, snap, jump list, windows media center, windows live essentials, web slices, and parental controls. Those are some great things related to Microsoft Windows 7.

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