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Microsoft Office is one-stop applications for business and office stuff (services, servers, and applications) developed by Microsoft. Bill Gates initially announced it on August 1988. As the time flies, this one-stop office suite software gets many improvements. Microsoft Office has various great features for office and business stuff, and we will explore this incredible application below.

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What is Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office is a suite of productivity applications developed by Microsoft and was first released in 1990. It is a proprietary product of Microsoft. This great product consist of several app including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Publisher, and Outlook.

Each app of MS Office serves a different purpose, it also compatible with other programs included in the MS Office package. Microsoft Office is designed specifically to be used for business of office use.

Word Processing feature in Microsoft Office

Microsoft Word is one of the apps in the package that is used for the functionality of word processing. There are many advanced features for word processing functionality that will be shown by the menu interface that is easy to operate and intuitive. It is suitable both for home users and business users. You can add graphics, video, and sound in the Word documents to create various multimedia reports.

There are also the document templates that make it as adjustable as possible for office environments. The templates are such as invoices, formats of the mailing label, and sales letters.

Spreadsheets feature of Microsoft Excel

Spreadsheets are the brand of Microsoft Excel, one of Microsoft Office business applications. Microsoft Excel it the solution to create the spreadsheets both for business and home use. A spreadsheet itself contains many grids of columns and rows in electronic form. You can use this app for entering, organizing, and calculating the data.

You can also combine the separated spreadsheets that come from various categories such as the geographic region, the function, and even the time. There are also several templates such as expense reports, balance sheets, and income statements feature that you can use for your needs. Microsoft Excel is the answer to making the report or analyzes the big data easily and quickly.

Presentation Graphics by Microsoft Powerpoint

When you need to make presentation sheets that contain video, sound, graphics, and text, you can rely on Microsoft Powerpoint. The presentation sheets will be presented on the slides format by using the computer and projection, or you can email to the other users. Powerpoint allows you to choose the movement pattern, sound, text color, and many more.

There are also several templates that each template contains background, text format, and also the suggested colors for the template that will make the process of creating a presentation sheet becomes easier than before. We also recommend you to download the other templates on the internet if you do not feel like using the existing ones.

Email Communications by Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Office also has an interesting application for managing the email communication called Microsoft Outlook. Besides You can create, send, and receive the email, Outlook also allows us to embed and link the other document such as Powerpoint, Excel’s spreadsheets, and Word’s documents.

You can get the tools for personal information management such as task management, journals, and calendar from the business version of this application. All applications developed by Microsoft Word are supposed to help us in sharing information between one and another program in simple ways. You can even change the language as you like.

Download Microsoft Office for Windows 10

You can download Microsoft Office legally from here:


or you can try Microsoft 365 for free from here:


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