The Incredible Windows Defender for Your Computer System

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Windows Defender – Do you want to protect your computer system? If you want to cover and protect it from attacking viruses, you need to install the high quality and effective anti-spyware. One of the recommended spyware is Windows Defender. It has several great features and strengths convincing you to use and install it on your computer.

What Is Windows Defender?

Windows Defender is an Anti Spyware device made by GIANT Company Software Inc. It is the major choice in security and protection in the computer. It has been made like that by following the development of computer viruses today.

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Windows Defender is working well in your computer to fight for the viruses. But, the very latest viruses are possibly not handled by this spyware. It was famously known as Microsoft Spyware protecting Microsoft Windows from spyware. It is a part of Windows Vista, Windows 7,8, and 10.

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How Did the History of Windows Defender?

Windows Defender was based on GIANT AntiSpyware devices. It was made by GIANT Company Software Inc. Microsoft conducted the accusation of this company. It was announced on December 16th 2004. The first beta version from Microsoft AntiSpyware was released on January 6th 2005 and became recycled GIANT AntiSpyware.

Windows Defender beta two was released on February 13th, 2006. The features were new name programs and significant interface design. This version used the programming language of C++. It is different from the first version using Visual Basic. The changes in program language are improving the application performance. It is also giving the ability on the applications to protect computer though you don’t do log in.

The version of Beta 2 needed the validation of Windows Genuine Advantage. On October, 24th, 2006, Microsoft released Windows Defender. It is supporting Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, but it is unable to work out in Windows 2000.

On Windows 8, Microsoft increased the capability of Windows Defender to be a program of antivirus program. It is equal to Microsoft Security Essentials. This latest Windows Defender was similar to Microsoft Security Essentials. It has used the same updating system of virus definition. As a consequence, Microsoft Security Essentials is not compatible with Windows 8.

What Are the Features of Windows Defender to Enjoy?

Windows Defender has features with the device ability of spyware. It includes some kinds of the real safety system to control and monitor in some general areas on Windows getting changes possibly caused by spyware.

The devices also include the ability to delete easily to the devices of Active X installed. It is also integrated with Microsoft SpyNet so that you can report to Microsoft related to spyware possibilities, applications, and device drivers enabling to set in your system.

Some sophisticated features in Windows Defender are embedded. It has real-time protection. In the option of Windows Defender, you can manage the configuration of real-time protection.

Browser integration is another feature. It has integrated to Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge so that Windows Defender automatically scans all downloaded data. In Windows Vista, it is blocking all software in which it is making spyware difficult to destroy the system.

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