An Introduction to Microsoft Azure

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You might imagine Microsoft Azure is an operating system (OS) that you can use on your computer like Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10. Windows Azure is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure provided by Microsoft.

Windows Azure can be used to create, develop and run web applications running in Microsoft’s datacenter.

microsoft azure

Microsoft Azure – Today’s best cloud computing platform service

This technology can be said to be a form of implementation of the Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud computing. This technology allows us to build an application through the cloud, either in the form of web technology, cloud service, or applications that run on the virtual machine.

This awesome cloud service covers the process of building, deploying and managing our applications. By using Azure, we will be more productive with integrated tools, pre-built templates and managed services that are very easy to operate.

One of the benefits of Microsoft Azure is a multi-platform. Microsoft Azure can run applications from different types of technologies and platforms, including.NET (as technology from Microsoft), JAVA, and also PHP. Microsoft Azure also provides an Ubuntu server in the virtual machine service.

What is Microsoft Azure used for?

Windows Azure provides various types of key services, such as:

  1. Web Sites (Web Hosting).
    With this service, you can put your website on the Microsoft infrastructure cloud. You can increase or decrease the specification of the infrastructure as needed.
  2. Virtual Machine.
    With this service, you can deploy Windows Server or Linux-based virtual machines in the Microsoft datacenter. Windows Azure provides various virtual machine images, or you can also use your virtual machine images.
  3. Cloud Service.
    This service is a cloud server service where you can deploy and run various web applications with cloud technology.
  4. Mobile Service.
    This service provides cloud infrastructure for developing mobile applications such as Windows Phone, iOS, and HTML / JavaScript applications.
  5. Infrastructure Services.
    Azure provides the infrastructure as needed, both in running new applications and applications already provided
  6. Develop and experiment.
    Allows users to do application development and instantly experiments on the application.
  7. Media.
    Azure’s media services allow developing apps from adobe flash, Android, iOS, Windows and other platforms.
  8. Integration.
    It allows users to move all data, apps, devices from a local device to the Cloud.
  9. Network Services.
    Data transfers, Virtual Box and Traffic Manager

More regions than the others have

As the best Cloud service from Microsoft, Azure runs on the worldwide network of Microsoft, managing in more than 38 regions, more countries and regions than the combined Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. Azure becomes cloud partner from many companies and users in many places in the world, and it’s growing.

Azure has been trusted by more than 66% of Fortune 500 Companies. These companies use Azure Enterprise Glade which features 24/7 technical assistance, round-the-clock health monitoring. The companies are Mazda, Heineken, NBC Sports, Trek, Milliman. In addition to being trusted by many companies, Azure which is the best cloud service from Microsoft runs using Microsoft Data Center called Worldwide Network of Microsoft Managed Datacenters.

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