Microsoft Outlook: Best Web-based Suite of Email, Contact, & Calendaring Service

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Microsoft Outlook is a personal information management application of Microsoft Office Suite. This application is usually used to send and read electronic mail (email). However, this application also has function functions such as notes, journals, work schedules, and calendars. Microsoft Outlook can provide shared mail, calendar, and schedule access when combined with Microsoft Exchange Server.

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Microsoft Outlook – Great features and functions

To compete with the heavy rival of Yahoo Mail and Gmail eventually, Microsoft made major changes to its Email service. as a substitute for Hotmail service is expected to take the hearts of email users who are currently dominated by Yahoo Mail and Gmail. There are two versions of Outlook that are Microsoft Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook Express is a small version of Outlook that was first released with Windows 98. Microsoft Outlook not only can be used in PC/Computer only but all Windows devices. For example Outlook Mobile, which can connect Outlook data to Smartphone? There are also additional add-ons that can connect Outlook with Blackberry or other mobile devices.

Microsoft Office Outlook Functions

Common Microsoft Outlook functions are:

  • Read email offline
  • Send emails quickly and efficiently
  • Backing up email on PC
  • Scheduling
  • Create and manage address book

Microsoft Outlook Features

Some Microsoft Outlook features are:

  • Can connect with social media
  • Given Sky Drive capacity of 7GB
  • Can edit office documents in Sky Drive directly
  • Can separate incoming emails according to the desired category

The Outlook can sort emails into the corresponding folders automatically. It means that Outlook users can find emails that relate to a particular subject without having to search the email one by one.

This feature is a feature that can help users to separate personal email and work-related email.

  • Have a reliable spam cleaning system
  • Can synchronize with Smartphone
  • Can be used to make video calls with Skype
  • Electronic calendar

An electronic calendar is use of electronic equipment to record, store, and access calendar events/activities of the leaders. The electronic calendar software is usually integrated with e-mail software (e.,g. Microsoft Outlook) with daily activities, editing activities, reviewing, printing, and alarming activities on key events, and so on.

The electronic calendar can be installed in the network allowing collaboration of multiple staff/schedules, for example, meetings, will be held so the calendar program can check all the schedules available so that it can be selected free time where everyone can attend. However, certain events can be protected so that they cannot be accessed by others

Microsoft Outlook System requirements

Currently, you can use Outlook 2016 which has a simpler look and easier for its users. The minimum system requirements as follow:

  • At least 1GHz speed processor
  • 2GB of RAM on PC and 4GB RAM for Mac
  • 3GB free HDD space for PC and 6GB free HDD space for Mac
  • Runs well on 1280 x 800 (minimum)
  • Latest browsers version
  • .NET 4 or 4.5 CLR (run it on 3.5 will restrict some features)

Download Microsoft Outlook for Windows 10

You can download Microsoft Outlook legally from here:


or you can download Microsoft Outlook 2019 for Windows from here:


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