Microsoft Publisher: Amazing Desktop Publishing Application from Microsoft

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We can create magazines using ms word, and we can also create greeting cards using Microsoft PowerPoint, but the features offered are not as complete as MS Publisher application that is devoted to desktop publishing.

Microsoft Publisher is one of the Microsoft Office application programs used for desktop publishing activities.

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Functions and advantages of the Microsoft Publisher

The primary function of this fantastic software is to create desktop publishing such as calendar, greeting cards, brochures, posters, and many more. Some of the advantages of MS Publisher are:

  1. You can make desktop publishing work with ease.
  2. A variety of templates are available.
    It’s equipped with templates that can always be updated to get the template to suit your wants and needs.
  3. There are various effects to edit images.
    It is equipped with simple features that can simplify the image editing process.
  4. Works can be printed and saved to various formats.
    The most commonly used format is .jpeg because this format is the most flexible format and can be opened almost any program.
  5. Works can be emailed or converted to HTML.
  6. Works created can be directly stored in online storage and can be accessed anytime anywhere.

The 2016 MS Publisher has a cloud system that enables its users to deliver and store files very easily.

In the Microsoft publisher application, a variety of templates are available. So if we want to create work, choose the template that has been provided, and then edit it by our will.

Not many people use MS Publisher, but this application has many benefits, especially in the field of publishing. Currently, the latest version of Microsoft Publisher is Microsoft Publisher 2016, as the successor of previous versions of MS Publisher 2013, 2010, and MS Publisher 2007.

What is Microsoft Publisher used for?

Many people prefer to use design software such as CorelDraw and Photoshop to create publishing projects because these two programs have no design limitations. Does it mean that MS Publisher is a publishing program that has many restrictions? No! In the field of publishing, we will not rely on one particular program.

We can use 2 or 3 programs at once to get good results (if you want to produce some published-artistic works). MS Publisher is used by you who prefer functionality and effectiveness. This software is a program that supports speed and effectiveness, with a less artistic point of view.

Does MS Publisher not produce artistic works? It does. You can create your publishing work using a lot of templates that can be updated so you will have plenty of plug-and-play templates options. Good results are also not determined by how much or what software you use, but rather how you create your work.

Can I run this Microsoft Publisher program?

This program may be a bit heavy or may not even be compatible with a PC or MAC that has low hardware specifications.

  1. At least 1GHz speed processor
  2. Dual Core or higher
  3. 2GB of RAM on PC and 4GB RAM for Mac
  4. 3GB free HDD space for PC and 6GB free HDD space for Mac
  5. Runs well on 1280 x 800 (minimum)
  6. Latest browsers version
  7. .NET 4 or 4.5 CLR (run it on 3.5 will restrict some features)

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