Microsoft OneNote: The Functions and Extendability

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Microsoft OneNote – It is not a secret how incredible and extremely useful Microsoft programs are. But if there is one Microsoft program which is rarely used by the majority of people, it’s, without a doubt, the OneNote. Keep reading to learn more about Microsoft OneNote and find out why you must start using it.

What is Microsoft OneNote and how is it organized?

Microsoft is well-known for its various office programs. From Microsoft Word which allows us to create a well-formatted text document to Microsoft PowerPoint which helps us tremendously when it comes to creating an incredibly professional presentation despite our inability come up with a captivating design and effects.

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But what if we need a program that does it all but is compact? That way it can easily be taken with us, wherever we go, and whip out effortlessly without having to go through the process of picking which program is suitable for the file we are about to create.

The solution to that is none other than the Microsoft OneNote. Available both as a part of Windows 10 and a standalone application for numerous operating platforms, the OneNote is a free form program which allows users to type in texts via keyboard, insert images, create tables and many more.

However, unlike Microsoft Word and other types of a word processor, users can create a document virtually anywhere just by clicking the space they want to create the document on. Just like a canvas, you can enter text, draw, highlight, and collaborate with your colleagues should you work on a shared project.

Another biggest appeal from the OneNote is its ability to gather notes, screen clippings, drawings, audio commentaries and many more and save it instantly and automatically. Once saved, the OneNote stores the information in the form of pages which are organized into several sections within the virtual notebooks. As a notebook, the OneNote adopts an organizational system which consists of notebooks, sections, and notes.

The Microsoft OneNote’s extendability and platform support

One of the most cited reasons as to why many would rather dismiss the idea of using the program is extendability and support systems. Which is surprising to me as OneNote is one of the most incredible programs when it comes to that. Take its ability to add images, screenshot a page that is needed for your project, just mark it up and send it to your OneNote.

Not only that, but the OneNote also makes it possible for us to simultaneously edit our open or shared projects and store it in a DropBox or OneDrive.

Regarding the supporting platform, OneNote is widely available for mobile phones. It is available on the Windows Phone as a part of its built-in Office Hub which means it is stored locally on the phone’s internal memory and can also be adequately synchronized with SharePoint or OneDrive.

Other than that, the OneNote is also available on Symbian platform mobile phones as a part of the Microsoft Apps, and as a standalone for the iOS and Android platforms which means it can also be used for the tablet and iPad.

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