Microsoft Band: The Amazing Smartwatch and Activity Tracker

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Microsoft Band – In the past few years, the fitness tracking device has become increasingly common. With many brands rolling out their version of fitness bands which serve as a tracking device to support users’ healthy living, Microsoft’s decision to jump on the bandwagon was hardly surprising. But can the device compete in the market?

Microsoft Band – the hybrid of a fitness tracker and a smartwatch

Initially announced on October 29th three years ago, the Microsoft Band is marketed as a combination of smartwatch and fitness or activity tracker. A smart band concept is hardly ground-breaking as almost every single brand dabbling in the technology industry has its take on the gadget.

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So what makes the gadget a must have? While its concept on incorporating an intuitive tracker with smart capabilities to cater to the fitness enthusiasts and those who live a healthy and active lifestyle cannot be regarded as new, the Microsoft Band has successfully made a name for itself with the Band’s unique designs and its wide array of functionality.

Yes, the Microsoft Band is indeed popular for its features. Unlike its competitors in the market, this Microsoft smart device is highly regarded as the most fully-features smartwatch in the industry.

With the Band’s curved screen, smarter design, and twice the amount of sensors than its predecessors, the Microsoft Band features larger AMOLED screen with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which ensures its rigid nature and durability. Not only that, at 320 x 128 resolution and 32 x 12.8 mm, the smaller than average smartwatch screen in the industry provides a much better visual and more pleasing display.

Microsoft Band Features and Highlights

While the screen stays visually appealing and vivid under the bright sun, noticeable pixelation issues which some of its users often point out. However, it is worth noting that the issue mentioned above is not extremely offensive, and the fact that the Microsoft Band can ensure its battery life is quite magical.

It is something which most of its competitors in the industry cannot seem to offer, as the better and brighter the screen is, the shorter its battery life. Apart from that, the Band is also known to have successfully incorporated not less than ten sensors as opposed to the eight sensors documented on the official product page.

The following is a complete list of the sensors built into the Microsoft Band:

  • Integrated optical heart rate monitor
  • A three-axis accelerometer
  • GPS application
  • Capacitive sensor
  • Gyrometer
  • Ambient light sensor
  • UV sensor
  • Galvanic skin-response sensor
  • Built-in microphone
  • Skin temperature sensor

When it comes to its smartwatch features, the Band truly delivers. With an incredible built-in application that is referred to as Tiles, Call option, Messaging ability, Facebook option, Weather option, Alarm and Timer, Exercise options, and many more.

It does not matter whether you are training for your upcoming marathon or you are training for a bike race, Microsoft Band can assist you with its fitness tracking options. Not only that, but this incredible device also helps you take calls and does a myriad of tasks while keeping your hands free.

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