Important Details about Microsoft Visio That You Should Know

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One of the applications that are released by Microsoft is called Microsoft Visio. Before you use this software, there are several important details that you might need to know so that you can use this software in the right way. Below are some important aspects that you should know about Microsoft Visio.

What Is Microsoft Visio?

Microsoft Visio or also called Visio is an application that is used for making chart, flowchart, and network scheme that is released by Microsoft. This software is also commonly used in the brainstorming process as well. Visio was originally an application that is made by Visio Corporation. This company is an acquisition by Microsoft in 2000.

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There are several versions of Visio that are released under Microsoft names such as Microsoft Visio 2002, Microsoft Visio 2003, and Microsoft Visio 2007. The latest version of this software offers more choices of the template that can be used by users to create charts.

The latest version of Microsoft Visio also offers better layout as well so that users can connect the charts to several databases and present information visually by using charts. These days, Microsoft Visio is available in three editions, Microsoft Visio Standard, Microsoft Visio Professional, and Microsoft Visio Premium.

Features in Microsoft Visio

Just like other software from Microsoft, Microsoft Visio also came with several features. The old version of this software has fewer features while the latest version came with more features. However, several features are considered as basic features in Microsoft Visio. These features are:

  • Create a Chart.
    This feature allows users to create chart quickly. There are several choices of the template that you can choose to make your chart. The charts also came in various choices of form as well that are designed based on the industrial standard. You also can use various choices of theme and effect to customize your chart, so your chart looks more professional.
  • Data Attachment.
    This feature allows you to connect the data to the visualization of organization structure, IT network, factories, or even complex business process to manage performance quickly. Microsoft Visio can be attached to several data sources such as Microsoft Excel, Active Directories, Microsoft SQL Server, or even Microsoft SharePoint list. You also can use graphic chart elements such as an icon, color, and text to simplify and complete the complex information visualization.
  • Make Decision.
    Microsoft Visio also came with a feature that allows you to make decision visually. You can communicate and share timelines, flowcharts, process maps, organization structures, or even floor plans easily to other computers in your company. When the data is updated, the charts will be automatically updated as well. You also can secure your charts with Information Right Management (IRM), Data Loss Protection (DLP), and Multi-Factor Authentication.

Microsoft Visio – Operating System and Functionality

Microsoft Visio can be used for several purposes. You can use this software to make charts. There are several features and menus in Microsoft Visio that will help you to make the charts that you want. Since this software has easy to use interface, you will be able to create charts easily and quickly without having to use too much effort. This software can run on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

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