The Highlights and Features of Microsoft Excel 2013

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Microsoft Excel 2013 – Microsoft Office Excel has been such an integral part of not only businesses but also institutions and individuals. The simple yet rigid interface is equipped with rows of data which are used for purposes such as tracking the sales trends and handling various data related to business financial activities.

But do you know that the Excel that we know is capable of so much more than crunching numbers?

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What are the main differences between Microsoft Excel 2013 and 2016?

The latest Microsoft Office 2016 was released in September 2015, if you were a subscriber of Office 365 you would have gotten the access early – and as a subscriber who has also joined the Microsoft Office Insider Program, I can honestly, and unbiasedly comment on how incredible the latest version is.

Not only am I able to easily set up and personalize a PivotTable, but I can also attach numerous hyperlinks to my cloud-based files just as easily.

However, as to clear the confusion, there is a significant difference between Office 2016 and the Office 365 version of Excel. The difference principally lies in the fact that the Office 2016 version is not equipped with a feature to support collaboration.

The Office 365 version comes with OneDrive storage that you and your co-authors or colleagues can use to store and share data related to the projects – making it possible for you and your colleagues to work together in real time using multiple devices. Although you cannot do so with the Office 2016 version, you can still take your project on-the-go to edit, review and share on any supported devices.

Now that we have talked about the 2016 version, what about its predecessor? At a glance, Excel 2013 did not stray far from the latest 2016 version, but in terms of highlights and features, the differences can easily be noticed. See the following to learn more.

What are the highlights and features of Microsoft Excel 2013?

Microsoft Excel 2013 comes with quite radical changes in terms of its interface. As soon as you open the Excel 2013 program, you can see the wide range of template selections on budgets, reports, calendar, and many more.

Not only that, but the interface also features a button which belongs to the Recommended Charts for you to choose from. The charts above are equipped with a simpler and easy to navigate Chart Tools and Formats.

In terms of data analysis, the 2013 version of Excel introduces the new open XML spreadsheet and functions in categories such as the date and time, statistics, math and trigonometry, logic, lookup and reference, text, and many more. But as a seasoned Excel user, the features which stand out the most to me is the new Quick Analysis tool as well as the Excel Data Model.

The Quick Analysis is a valuable tool to effortlessly convert available data into a table or a chart, while the new data model makes it possible for us to tap into the available analysis features which were only available by installing an additional PowerPivot add-in.

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