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Who does not know about Microsoft Windows or what we often call it Windows? Everybody in this era certainly knows about Microsoft Windows. This program is famous with the window picture logo. Yes, you are right if you say it as an operating system.

You often use it to run your PC or notebook. But, do you know the history of this operating system? If you do not know, then you should read this article so that you can recognize this operating system.

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Microsoft Windows History

How Was Microsoft Windows Built for the First Time

Microsoft Windows or we usually call it Windows, is owned by Microsoft. Of course, the system of the Windows in the first time is not as good as we use today. In the first time, Microsoft Windows was recognized as MS-DOS which based on the text module and command-line.

The first version was introduced on 10 November 1983 but was just published in November 1985. This first version named Windows 1.0. At that time this version was built with the hope to compete for the Apple Macintosh which used GUI. And, have you once think, why should the Microsoft call it “Windows”?

The name of Windows was used by one of the employees who mention the window program directly. Then the word ‘Window’ was used to call this program, that is Microsoft Windows.

What are Improvements of Windows until the Latest Version?

After Windows 1.0, Microsoft continued to build the next program which is better. The following program was Windows 2x. This second version was better since this program was the first version which could be added by the program.

The first program which could be added on this second version is Microsoft Word. By this improvement, Microsoft promised the third version which hopefully could be better than the second version. Microsoft does the best for this next version so that the third version become the first version which allowed people to connect with the network. After Windows three there was Windows 9x.

For the early release, you should often hear the Windows program name such as Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and the newest version is Windows 10. There are some improvements that Microsoft add to each version. Because many people in the world use it, Microsoft also features the Windows with multilingual support to ease people to access it. The other assistance that is added on the early version is the platform support.

Many people install Microsoft Windows as their operating system program in their PC and Notebook. You may become one of them. Microsoft which is so famous with its Operating System program began the program that is not as good as today version.

Many improvements of Microsoft are working to make it become the dominant operating system program which is used by many people in the world. Hope that by reading this article you now know and recognize more how Microsoft improve the program until now.

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